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Whittaker Village is a community of 98 homes located in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan.

This website is maintained by the Whittaker Village Homeowners Association.  The Association is run by a five member Board of Directors that is elected by the homeowners annually.  All of the members of the board are homeowners.

The Association is responsible for the maintenance of all the common areas within the community.  This includes mowing grass, and maintenance of the plant beds and storm water retention ponds.  We also maintain liability insurance for the common areas.  A budget is prepared each year and annual dues are assessed to cover the costs. Payment of dues is mandatory.

Homeowners must seek approval from the Association before making exterior changes to their homes or starting landscaping projects.  Approval is usually a quick process and can be handled via e-mail in most cases.

Please read the 2018 Welcome Letter and Community Update.

We hope this website will allow better communication between the Association and its members.