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Late Fees and Fines

According to the Master Deed and Bylaws the Association may assess late fees, interest, and fines for late dues payments or violations of the regulations set forth in the documents.  The Board of Directors has established the following schedule of fees and fines.

Late Dues Payments

The annual dues of $350.00 are to be paid in full by March 31 each year.  The following fees are charged on delinquent accounts beginning April 1 and continuing on the first of each month thereafter:

$30 for a resident owned property
$50 for a non-resident/corporate owned property


The Association divides problems into minor and major infractions.  The table below shows the fines that apply to each of the two types of infractions.  The level 1 fine is applied when the violation is first discovered.  Notice of the initial fine and an invoice will be sent to the homeowner.  If the problem is not fixed within 14 days, then the level 2 fine is applied.  After 28 days, the level 3 fine is applied.  The level 3 fine is applied every 14 days thereafter until the problem is fixed.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Minor Infraction$50$100$150
Major Infraction$95$190$285

Minor infractions include:

  • Exterior lighting that is inoperable or not operated by a photocell
  • Parking violations
  • Minor blight
  • Basketball hoops in streets or rights-of-way
  • Unkempt grass

Major infractions include:

  • Major exterior damage, disrepair, or other blighted property
  • Landscaping projects that are not approved by the Association prior to start of work
  • Renting of units without submitting rental agreements to the Association for prior approval

The Association reserves the right to adjust these categories and items as needed.

A lien can be placed on a property for unpaid dues, fees, and fines.