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Governing Documents

Whittaker Village is considered a Site Condominium under Michigan Law.  This means that it was developed and continues to be governed according to the Michigan Condominium Act.  In accordance with that law our developer recorded a Master Deed and Bylaws for Whittaker Village.  That document was later amended twice by the developer.

What this all means is that everybody living in Whittaker Village is bound by the terms of the Master Deed and Bylaws.  This document governs the operations of the Association.  It also lays out the rules that everybody is supposed to stick to with regard to their individual homes and the community’s common areas.

We have acquired a copy of the documents as they are recorded with the Washtenaw County Register of Deeds.  You can get a PDF here:

Master Deed, Bylaws, and Amendments

A high resolution version of some of the drawings and diagrams in that document are available here:

Whittaker Village Utility Plans

Here’s a link to the Michigan Condominium Act provided by the Michigan Legislature’s website:

Michigan Condominium Act